RIDR Michael

Who are you?

I’m Michael, 40y old and live in Beersel in Belgium. I work in Brussels so i commute with my electric bike. The long rides are ok, I enjoy riding the bike. Electric bikes make the ride much smoother. I don’t mind doing hills but I don’t want to be sweaty at work so I use the motor when going to work, less when i’m returning. For me it was a step towards a healthier lifestyle and it’s been a blessing.

…The main thing is when cars get too close and zoom past me quickly (usually it’s vans, black cabs and even buses) or don’t leave enough room for me to pass

Any cycling safety concerns?

A few! Most of the time there are cycling lanes (seperated from the road) so there I feel nice and safe. When I get to the city there are less seperate lanes and more lanes painted on the roads. Sometimes there isn’t even a cycling lane and we are to go between the cars on the right side of the road. I’ve had a few very close calls but (knock on wood) I haven’t had an accident yet. My main concern is nog being visible enough, not drawing enough attention and then ending up as the victim. Especially when there are no lanes. Cars can pass really close. Scarry stuff!

How did RIDR help?

Two main improvements! The laser lights and the USB recharging. I put the light on the side of my bike, the left side where the cars pass. That way all the lasers are on the left side of my bike, and with 4 lasers on the side the cars clearly see that i want more room. ITS AWESOME and I haven’t seen anyone do it yet. Just a tip but you should really put that on your website too (@RIDR guys).

Anyway second was the USB recharging. Now that i’ve switched from AAA batteries to the USB charging it has become a no brainer for my next lights. Batteries cost money and so they increase the price of your bike light. With the RIDR coupon these lights cost the same as AAA alternatives and so i feel like i did the right thing. Its also better for the environment. Although it’s still a battery so not really. Point being, I like the USB charging, can do it anywhere at any time – much easier than carrying AAA batteries for example.

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