RIDR Lieuwe

Who are you?

I’m a big cycle enthusiast. I bike to work and do small commutes in London with the occasional weekend ride in the countryside.

Any cycling safety concerns?

My main concern in London is being visible to cars especially at night.  Cars tend to pass at high pace and don’t realise how close they sometimes get. 


I recently started using the RIDR light for nightly commutes. Every Tuesday I cycle to football in Shoreditch after work and cycling back through Brick Lane with the light and laser on flash mode I feel confident that everyone can see me. Its 360 degree reach makes you visible from all sides.

I highly recommend the RIDR light to anyone wishing to bike safely in the dark. Especially on busy roads like East London.

I’ve lived in many countries across the world and kept my love for cycling. Some countries have very poor lighting, so a good bike light is very important to stay visible and safe.”
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