RIDR Fabio

Who are you?

I cycle as a hobby. After work or during the weekend i enjoy taking the sporadic bicycle trip. It helps me relax after long days or when i need to get some peace of mind.

Any cycling safety concerns?

Well, I cycle for relaxing and peace of mind but then sometimes there are no bikelanes and I must pay attention to all the cars and drivers…. Doesn’t really provide a peace of mind. In order to achieve this I must already cycle 30 minutes to be out of the city. So cycling infrastructure is my main concern.


Usually I cycle after work so it’s already dark out most of the times. When I cycle, I can feel that I’m not visible enough. It is the most annoying feeling because it takes away everything i love about cycling.

With RIDR, i can literally see lines around my bike on the ground. I know that others can see them too, and that I have better visibility because of them. So when I have the RIDR Lights I feel more safe, and so i can relax more and enjoy my bikerides more.

With RIDR Lights i feel more safe, and so i can enjoy my bikerides more.

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