How to Ride Safely during lockdown easing

How to Ride Safely during lockdown easing

The government guidelines are continuously changing with regards to COVID-19 and what is allowed. It really can all be a bit confusing. In most countries you are still limited to meeting up with a handful of people from different households. This also has quite a few implications whilst cycling, where the rules have never really been defined. So please keep your respective government’s social distancing guidance in mind whilst cycling. That being said, cycling is good for you and we want to encourage you to continue safely. So here are some tips for a safe ride.

Keep social distancing

The governments are seeking guidance from experts in their fields and their recommendations should carry some weight. So please do follow the guidance and keep social distancing up. Especially when you take a little break during your cycle

Use a bandana or neck tube 

Riding or doing any sports with a mask isn’t ideal. We have found that wearing a bandana or a light neck tube works wonders. You can just slip it down whilst riding and pull it back up and cover your face whilst stopping

Ride with people you trust

If you decide to ride in a group, always assess the risk factors. Things to consider could be items such as whether you have been in high risk situations and could be at risk of being asymptomatically spreading it,  and what your riding partners have been up to. It’s important to trust that they have been sensible and haven’t exposed themselves to unnecessary risks. We have been cycling with a small group of 3 people whom we trust. We tend to prefer a smaller group anyway so it suits us perfectly.

Ridrs community

Explore new areas

You obviously, want to avoid very busy areas. So why not be a bit bolder and let the “usual” route for what it is and explore! Go out and find some new lightly cycled areas. We’re sure you’ll find some nice little gems!

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