Our London Weekend Ride – RIDR

We took our RIDR light out on our cycling trip through London.
Read all about it below, and let us know your favorite trip to feature in our blog!

The weather in London was amazing and I took the opportunity to go out on a ride with my friends and think over the next steps and key actions for RIDR.

It was lovely but I must say my fitness levels are not up to par just yet. Still pretty happy with a solid 45k cycle and getting the opportunity to get out of the city and into nature to clear my mind.


When I know where i’ll be riding I make sure to scope out the route beforehand. Be it by cycling slowly, or even by looking at it with Google Streets. By doing so you can check for dangerous spots where you need to slow down – you’ll discover dead angles for drivers and most of all, you’ll get to know the route so you don’t get lost. A bike GPS is awesome, but it happens that the battery runs out before you reach your destination.

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