6 tips to get back in to cycling after the festive season

The festive season is well and truly over and I hope you have enjoyed a nice and relaxing holiday. After all that relaxing, eating and perhaps a couple of beverages it might be more difficult for you to find the motivation to start cycling again.

However, with a little bit of patience, some motivation and the following 6 tips you will get back into shape and loving your cycling again in no time!

1. No more excuses

The classic excuses will certainly pop up again. “It’s too cold”, “ I can’t perform at the same level as before” or “I will start next week, I promise”. 

Getting back into shape after the holidays is never easy but the first thing you NEED to do is, stop making up excuses! Don’t focus too much on what you were able to do previously. Just get on the bike and do some riding. Even if it’s only 40 minutes at a time, you will feel better and it’s a starting point! You’ll get into the groove in no time.

2. Ride in group

Finding the motivation to go out on your own is not always easy, I’m the first to admit this 🙂 I always feel it is a lot easier to go out with a group of friends or join a local club. The socialising will take your mind off the physical aspect of getting back into it and will ensure that you get back into your good cycling habits in no time.

3. Write down (and remember) why you got into cycling

Motivation is key to everything. So before your start to get back into your routine, make a good old list all the positive things cycling gives to you and why you started in the first place.

Whatever your initial reason was, seeing it all on a piece of paper will serve as the ultimate motivation during these cold winter days!

4. Set objectives for yourself

Having clear objectives and goals are a good way to keep motivated and track the progress you have made. As with everything when you start again, try to keep them simple and achievable at first so you don’t get disheartened. It could be as simple as riding for 1 hour over the weekend as long as it keeps you going.

5. Keep things fresh

Trying something new on your bike that you have never done before is a good way to start and gain momentum. Maybe it’s a bike holiday with your mates or signing up for a race. For me, I just signed up to an Olympic triathlon which will force me to start cycling again. Whatever it is for you, just decide and put in the work to make it happen. It doesn’t need to be something crazy, a new route could be as good.

6. Reward yourself

Hard work without reward has never worked and will never work. So don’t forget to reward yourself after that initial push so you keep that momentum going. It can be buying some nice new gear or treating yourself to a nice dinner.

After a while, you won’t need as many of these little rewards to keep going, as you’ll be realising that the true benefit is all of the health benefits you get from cycling.

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