Our goal is to enhance your visibility and safety, to provide peace of mind whilst riding. We want you to feel confident and comfortable to go out and cycle every day, reap the health benefits of an active lifestyle and promote the usage of environmentally friendly modes of transport. Our ability to create quality products with our customer’s safety in mind is the foundation of our success.

Meet the RIDR team

Growing up in Belgium meant cycling was in our blood from the start. Be it going to school or meeting up with our friends, the bicycle became part of our identity. However, growing up in urban environments we experienced the risks associated with cycling at first hand. It is these experiences that made us decided to create uniquely designed lights with safety in mind so that the barrier to cycling would be completely eliminated.


“One of the things that grinds my gears, being a frequent cyclist, is cars passing too close. With RIDR Lights I feel like cars get a clear signal where it’s safe to pass.”


“Riding bikes has so many benefits, everyone who has the possibility should do it. Cars still dominate the road these days, this must change. Until then we want to reduce bicycle related accidents with our innovative lights.”


“Being visible is so important for my safety on the road. That’s why I just love our RIDR Lights. With the additional lasers, it creates a ‘Cycle-Safe-Zone’ around me.”


We want to remove the barrier to cycling, and the biggest one is safety. We want to increase your safety and visibility.
Cycling is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to move around. So bike accessories should reflect this.
As most people we care about the planet we live on and want to contribute to a better place. This ethos shines through in everything we do and more specificyally by the adoption of a USB-rechargable battery in our RIDR Lights.

You = safe

Our main concern is your safety. Sounds cheesy but we really don’t want you to have an accident.

RIDR Lights

Our very first product, launching our brand RIDR. The RIDR Lights are a revolutionary bike light that will change your visibility on the road.