2-in-1 bicycle safety-light

150 lumen LED + Innovative Laser lights
  • Strong LED rear light
  • Double pattern Laser Lights
  • Transparent side casing for side visibility
  • USB rechargeable – 9h autonomy – 2h charging
  • Easy fix mounting – fits any type of bicycle
  • Compact & lightweight design, fits easily in any pocket
  • Waterproof IPX5


Extra visibility and safety on the road

RIDR Lights provides a three-in-one solution:

  • REAR – Five strong LED’s produce 150 lumen
  • GROUND – Innovative double Laser pattern
  • SIDE – Transparent side casing visibility

Accidents at junctions

Due to poor visibility

Use underperforming lights

Average fine


One size fits every bike

RIDR Lights are super easy to mount. The silicon attachment allows you to turn your bike light in the best direction. Weirdly angled seat post, bike rack? No problem, RIDR Lights mount everywhere:

  • Flexible Silicon strap – Fits all seat posts up to 3″ diameter (7.5 cm)
  • Easy Mount – RIDR Lights are placed in less than 5 seconds
  • Shock Absorption – The silicon strap absorbs every shock, protecting the light
  • Vertical Design – the thin but strong design makes the light fit any bike perfectly.


More bikes = Less cars

RIDR Lights are meant to keep your safety in mind, thats our priority. But thats not all. Our brand is built around the environment and getting more bikers on the road. These values were integrated in the design of our products:

  • USB Rechargeable – Let’s eliminate disposable batteries
  • Up to 9h Battery – 9 different modes, 2h of charging
  • Quality material – Built to last, you won’t be needing more bike lights


Own the streets. The choice is yours, be a RIDR.

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